Matt Skinner • Book Design

Murdoch Books is an international book publishing company, under private ownership in Australia. Their mission is to excite, delight and inspire readers with beautifully produced books that have an unswerving commitment to integrity of content, innovation in design and high production values.

Matt Skinner is a well established wine author and expert targeting a younger market. Although he has published several books, his most recent books did not achieve strong sales. The books design were hard to use and lacked aesthetic appeal.

We re-designed the Wine Guide into a larger format, however it was still perceived to be in the pocket category. Aesthetically, we focused on a young “look and feel” by mixing contemporary effects - including the cover, to grab attention of potential buyers. The core design developments included better content organisation to help readability and usability. We also integrated a colour palette to differentiate the wine varieties, making it easier to browse the book.

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