FREMAP • Annual Report

FREMAP was founded in 1933 and is the pioneer in assurance coverage of work related contingencies. They are the largest Mutual Benefit Association for Employment Injuries and Occupational Diseases in Spain. The financial solvency and quality commitment of FREMAP is illustrated by their AA Standard & Poors rating and the UNE-EN-ISO 9002 quality standard.

FREMAP has experienced strong growth through merges and acquisitions,. However their market identity and brand positioning has been relegated to second place. We were asked to use their key messages and business imagery to redefine their corporate identity to recapture and communicate their status as market leaders.

We focused on the core of the business proposition being ‘people’ and captured simple work images in context. The overall design strategy aims to communicate their solid company history together with their efficient business approach. The core typography is traditional and integrates with saturated colour.

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