CNVM • Website

The Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) is the Spanish government agency responsible for regulating financial securities markets in Spain. It is an independent agency that falls under the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Their data covers the entire countries’ financial information store.

CNMV’s website has a very complex architecture structure, with the depth of information linking through to thousands of articles, and several micro sites. They organisation was launching a new brand identity and needed to apply this design to the website.

Given the complexity of the task we began by organising the content, with the aim of creating a simplified and clean information architecture. Specifically, we were seeking to create a website that facilitated ease of access from entry through to a highly technical financial data.
Following this, we interpreted the early stage brand identity and applied this in detail to the website design. This included an expansion of the brand identity into development of icons, use of colour, page structure and design.

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